Blood Cove – review

I finished your book yesterday. I am not a fan of vampire books but I enjoyed yours. The characters were well portrayed and it was a real page-turner. The conflict between the Raven and the Vampire made the story original.
Michael Ketchek, editor of the HSA’s journal, frogpond

Blood Cove- review

Blood Cove – review by Bernie Dwyer

Blood Cove is the ideal read for the vampire lover. Its portrayal of a man who is tormented by a curse and yet powerless against its evil passions is woven into a plot that spans many periods in history.

The reader can feel the damp Romanian air, smell the evergreen forest of the Canadian wilderness, sense the Haida people’s connection to nature while following this man’s journey through his cursed life.

The story also touches on racism, bigotry and prejudice as it unfolds, giving the reader a new perspective on such issues and how they can be overcome as the heroes progress toward saving one of their own.

I was never into vampires, not even as a kid, so it is a compliment indeed when I say Blood Cove kept me reading through to the end.

Its reference to historical sites and periods kept me engaged. While reading one chapter, I could feel myself revisiting a famous Toronto landmark. The story also made me aware of the Haida and piqued an interest in the people, their culture, their beliefs and their land.

Co-writers Ray Belcourt and Ignatius Fay have successfully mixed plot, suspense and history to create an entertaining read. Go for it.

Blood Cove (excerpt)

‘Matt! Matt!’ repeats Jesse in a whisper.
‘What is it?’ asks Matt, turning to see Jesse pointing in shock towards the driveway. The black alpha wolf is advancing on the kids, hair hunched back, head low to the ground, mouth foaming and snarling.
‘Matt!’ screams Jesse. Matt reaches with his left arm and moves Jesse behind him.
‘Don’t panic, they can sense fear. I’ll stand my ground. When I tell you to run, you run. Hard!’
‘But Matt, he’ll kill you.’
‘Jesse, don’t argue with me, damn it. When I say run, you run!’
‘Okay, okay,’ says Jesse, weeping.
The wolf suddenly sprints toward Matt.
‘Run!’ yells Matt.
Without hesitating, Jesse takes off along the house and jumps over the patio railing. She tumbles to the ground and turns just in time to see the beast latch on to Matt’s hand.
‘Aie-ie-yeow!’ screams Matt. The wolf is shaking his arm back and forth with his powerful jaws. Matt punches and kicks at the animal in desperation.
The wolf suddenly squeals in pain and releases his grip on Matt. Celreau stands over the wolf with his fingers deep in the vicious animal’s eye sockets. Celreau strikes Matt on the shoulder, sending him sliding to the end of the porch. The crazed wolf snaps his neck to the side and bites down on Celreau’s arm. Celreau releases a blood-curdling roar. The teacher’s eyes open wide and his gums pull back revealing sharp extended canines. His face is all feral beast. The wolf, terrified, releases his grip and squeals as Celreau effortlessly tosses the huge animal across the yard to crash against a pine tree. Matt and Jesse watch in disbelief as the wolf falls, dead before it hits the ground.
‘Oh, my god, Matt. You’re bleeding,’ exclaims Jesse as she runs to his side.
‘Damn, that burns,’ answers Matt, favoring his torn arm.
Celreau approaches the children, who cower against the corner railing. ‘Keep pressure on that wound,’ he instructs the boy tersely.
‘Stay back. Only one good arm, but I swear I’ll hurt you if you come any closer,’ threatens Matt bravely.
‘Matt, Jesse—it’s me, Mr. Celreau. It’s okay. The wolf’s dead. Let me look after that bite before it gets infected. I know it’s sore, and there’s a lot of blood, but I don’t think it’s as bad as it looks.’ Again he steps toward Matt.
‘I said get back. I’ll kill you, I mean it!’
‘Matt, calm down. You’re in shock. I’m your teacher. Mr. Celreau. I would never harm you or Jesse.’
‘You knocked Matt straight across the deck. Is that your idea of helping?’ asks Jesse.
‘I had to push Matt aside so the wolf wouldn’t turn back on him.’
‘You…you turned into some kind of beast. What the heck was that shit?’ adds Matt accusingly.
‘I must say that was impressive even to me. Caught me completely by surprise. But it’s simply fight response.’
‘What’s that suppose to mean? You tossed that wolf across the yard like it was a rag doll.’
‘It’s a physiological reaction that occurs in response to an attack. Adrenaline flooded my body, giving me strength beyond my normal ability. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of a mother lifting a car to save her child who was pinned under it. Same sort of thing.’
‘But your face…your eyes and teeth were like, well, you looked like a vampire,’ blurts Jesse.
‘That’s also a characteristic of flight response. Your hormones cause all of your senses to explode in order to get you to safety. Not only are your muscles stimulated, but all of your senses, including your visual senses, are given an adrenalin boost. Your hypersensitive perceptions exaggerated my already aggressive features. C’mon now, do I look like a monster to you?’
‘No. Not now anyway,’ answers Matt.
‘Of course I don’t. Well, thank God we weren’t badly hurt. Now, let me put a bandage on that wound, then I’ll drive you home. Your dad will want you to get medical attention right away. Follow me. I keep a first aid kit under the seat of the Jeep for emergencies.’
‘Is your arm not bleeding, Mr Celreau?’
‘No, no blood. Pretty sore, though.’
‘How is that even possible? The wolf bit you; at least as hard as it bit Matt. And the way you yelled,’ questions Jesse.
Celreau helps Matt into the back seat of the Jeep. Jesse climbs in next to him.
‘Damn lucky, I guess.

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Blood Cove – latest review


Review of the Novel, Blood Cove

Blood Cove is a ‘hell’ of a good, although sometimes twisted, tale! The plot is essentially another example of the age-old struggle between vicious evil and naively innocent good. This intertwined tale spans two continents, including the length and breadth of Canada, and the two and a half centuries from 1721 to 1980. The main story unfolds in 1980 in Blood Cove, a logging community in B.C. peopled by a mix of Caucasians of various descents and native Haida. As the story develops, the reader is repeatedly taken back to historic times in places such as Romania (1721), Toronto (1923), Moose Jaw (1925). The authors display a deep knowledge of history, geography and native Haida beliefs, traditions and spirituality.

The town of Blood Cove has its problems, springing mostly from racism, ignorance and cultural bias. These are complicated by a great evil that has insinuated itself into the lives of the town folk in the guise of a new teacher. A mixed-race teenaged duo, Jesse (Haida) and Matt (white), with the aid of the Haida spirit world, become aware that something is very wrong. They take it upon themselves to solve the deadly riddle.

Blood Cove is a good read and I recommend it. And since the main antagonist is one of the ‘Undead,’ I would welcome a sequel to this exciting novel.


Douglas W. Green

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Blood Cove – review

Blood Cove Review

I had to give you a shout-out and let you know my feelings on Blood Cove

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After trying to make it last, spacing it out one chapter per night, last night I got weak and couldn’t put it down til done.

I loved the flow and the overall story line (and I’m not into vampires). You held my attention and it took everything for me to read only one chapter at a time….until last night, that is.

I must be honest though…… I did fast forward through some of the gore. You guys did too good a job explaining the details, to the point I could visualize, so after the first “attack” I chose to skip those paragraphs

I love a good mystery and this definitely ranks.
So, when does the sequel come out?


Blood Cove
RJ Belcourt, Iggy Fay

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Blood Cove (excerpt)

Blood Cove excerpt…

‘You’re about to bear witness to a transformation ritual, a unique experience. I perform this dance only on very special occasions, but I think it’s time to put an end to the doubt and confusion you have about the Haida culture. Do not be frightened by what you are about to see, as the spirit I beckon is not evil and will not harm you. Spirits do demand respect, so mind your manners. Remember: all that happens here must stay within the confines of this room. They must never be shared with others.’
Big Mama puts on her costume and faces the kids. Sliding the large mask over her face, she begins to chant in a steady monotone. She prances about the room, her neck jerking from side to side, shaking the rattle in rhythm with her song. Jesse slides close to Matt and squeezes his hand tight as she watches in amazement. The chanting and dancing get louder and faster, then suddenly stops. An eerie silence fills the room as the kids wait in anticipation. The shaman stands frozen on the spot.
Abruptly, large wing-like flaps on the raven mask slowly open to reveal a tattooed face. A deep, low voice emerges from the mask startling the two youngsters.
‘Speak to me, Haida child. Tell me now what troubles you so?’

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Blood Cove (excerpt)

Blood Cove

The vampire smirks in relief as the crowd soon comes to the same conclusion, and he hears them leaving the entrance. An eerie silence follows. Then suddenly, an ear-splitting crash rattles the entire structure, jolting the door from its steel hinges. A battering ram explodes through the entrance sending the big door and the startled vampire crashing against the far wall. Gabriel, stunned by the destruction of a door he’d thought impenetrable, lies on the floor covered in stone dust from the shattered wall and wood fragments from the door. He has been impaled by one of the large wooden splinters, which now protrudes grotesquely from his side.
The mob, cheering now, surrounds the wounded vampire. Delighted by the sorry state of the beast, they prepare their weapons for a final assault. To their horror, the vampire stands, grasps the splinter with one hand and slides it red and dripping out of his abdomen. Holding it out in front of them like a bloody sword, he screams, a terrifying sound. The crowd stands in shock as they witness a sudden transformation; His eyes turn charcoal black and sink deep into their sockets. His brow furrows and widens, and his ears seem to pull back. His lips recede and two large sharp canines, dripping of saliva, extend from his gums. His forearm muscles swell to twice the size ripping through his shirt, exposing large veins like swollen dew worms burrowing under his thin skin. They watch as the wound heals in seconds.

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Blood Cove

Over the next few days, I will endeavour to post some excerpts from my new novel Blood Cove.
The book is a suspense thriller riddled with sprinkles of horror.

I hope the short pieces entice you to get a copy of the novel to get better acquainted with Matt and Jesse, the Raven and of course Gabriel.

Feel free to comment on the excerpts and share them with your friends.


The sharp squeal of the rusty hinge on the old barn door startles Angela, even though she is expecting him. He is always so quiet. Her heart races with anticipation as she strains to hear her lover crossing the barn floor; the straw makes the softest rustle under each footstep as he approaches.
The weathered barn is dark and drafty. He frowns at the pungent smell of the cow patties strewn everywhere. His nostrils flare abruptly as he catches the sweet fragrance of lavender and lemon drifting from above, leading him to the tall wooden ladder to the hayloft. He climbs.
Angela feels the loft floor shudder as he approaches. Her senses kindle as she anxiously slides back against the wall. She gasps as he appears, rising over the lip of the loft. Before she can speak, he pounces. In a single leap, he straddles her, stares deep into her dark blue eyes and kisses her. Trapped by his body weight, vulnerable, powerless, she surrenders to him. Her body trembling with excitement, she lays dazed and breathless.

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